Go To Plastics provides Custom Molding and Fabrication

We provide high-quality solutions and custom plastic products for a wide range of plastic manufacturing needs. We service a broad range of industries such as Medical, Marine, Agricultural, Sporting Goods, Construction, Chemical, Industrial, Food & Beverage, and Electronic, to name a few.

Our team can assist you in creating a project plan that will best fit your company’s budget while helping you choose the best manufacturing process possible. With over 28 years in the plastics industry, we understand our customers demand for high-quality plastic products and on-time delivery while still providing superior customer service. By choosing Go To Plastics, you can expect everything from one relationship.


All of our products are proudly manufactured in the United States to ensure high-quality standards.


We provide custom rotational molding (rotomolding) services for a broad group of industries and applications.

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Plastic Fabrication and Machining

We specialize in serving original equipment manufacturers in the medical, electronic, photographic and commercial industries.

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Vacuum and Pressure Thermoforming

This is is an excellent option for mid-range production volumes or situations requiring frequent mold changes.

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