Cast Plastic Molding

The open cast molding process is ideal for producing thick-walled parts needed for high-wear or when extreme weather elements are a factor for your part application. Compared to metal products that corrode and crack in industrial use, urethane materials are more durable and come in a variety of durometers; from a soft flexible material to a rigid high strength urethane. Additionally, the chemical properties of polyurethane can be adjusted through chemistry. This is unmatched in any other material. Urethane products are also abundant in the Mining, Agricultural, Marine and Automotive Industries. Cast urethane products also serve a variety of purposes. Certain part applications may include solid urethane tires on Wheelbarrows, Rubber Attachments for harvesting crops, Hopper Liners, Gears, Bumpers, Motor Mounts, Impact Pads and Guide Rollers. Our engineering team is available to help research your part application and help recommend the appropriate materials that meet your application and budget.

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