Injection Molding

From concept to finished products, Go To Plastics offers turnkey solutions for injection molded parts. Our machine capabilities include over 20 injection-mold machine presses that range from 40 – 850 ton capacity with the versatility to accommodate short-runs as well as high-volume production runs. We also provide design consultation, mold making, prototyping, sonic-welding, hot-stamping, pad-printing and assembling.

Additional Capabilities

  • Over-Molding
  • Insert-Molding
  • Sonic-Welding
  • Foil-Stamping
  • Pad-Printing
  • Plastic Part design
  • Plastics Mold Design
  • Part Assembly

Injection Molding Advantages

  • Complex geometry and fine features are easily produced
  • Cycle times are relatively low, making high volumes possible
  • Low part cost
  • Injection molding is commonly automated
  • In-mold decorating available
  • Process ideal for threaded insert molded parts
  • Over-molding possible with proper tooling
  • Nearly all thermoplastics can be injection molded
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