Vacuum and Pressure Thermoforming

This production method is an excellent option for mid-range production volumes or situations requiring frequent mold changes. It is especially effective for enclosures, Bezels, Covers and Trays.

Additionally, Go To Plastics offers a wide variety of tooling solutions that utilize the flexibility of this production method. Our expertise in tooling extends from precision aluminum cast molds to limited production wood, epoxy or fiberglass molds.

Our manufacturer is AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR Registered. We follow the necessary protocols to ensure quality, traceability, and security.

Additional Capabilities

  • Vacuum-Forming
  • Pressure-Forming
  • Drape-Forming
  • 5-axis CNC routing/trimming
  • Pad-Printing
  • Screen-Printing
  • In-house part and tool design
  • In- house mold construction
  • Part Assembly

Thermoforming Advantages

  • Relatively low tooling cost
  • Ability to vacuum-form or pressure-form sheet plastic
  • Ability to form very large parts
  • Thin parts with very small thickness-to-area ratio
  • Better physical properties
    in finished part
  • Ability to produce parts with high strength reinforcement composities
  • Thermoforming foam sheet
  • Pre-decoration of sheet
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